This Water Closet Folds Into The Wall

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A relatively new entrant in the bathrooms market – ERGOO from Turkey, has developed a space-saving toilet system which offers solutions for both small and large bathrooms. Until now, one could not imagine a toilet behind a door. It was unimaginable to use the shower room for a toilet. The solution allows the Architects, Interior Designers and Builders to design a small bathroom and save space.







The system needs a 30 cm depth in the wall including the water reservoir. The complete system includes a toilet bowl made of ceramic and water reservoir motor. All the other accessories are also part of the solution. Because the system is ‘closed’ and goes into the wall, odour is prevented. The company claims that things like water leakages and hygiene are fully taken care of in the system. It comes in various colours and finishes.






ERGOO is also working for space saving bathroom solutions in shipbuilding, motorhome/caravan and airplanes market. The company has patented it’s offerings and is addressing the strong demand that it’s solutions are getting worldwide.


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