How To Improve Acoustic Comfort with Perforated Cardboard Plasterboards

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There are many ways to solve the acoustic comfort of the interior spaces we design, using materials and solutions of different prices and appearances. Perforated cardboard gypsum boards are an economical and efficient option to incorporate into projects, absorbing the sound and reducing the noise level generated by the reverberation through different patterns and shapes.


Applied mainly in schools, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, lobbies, and hospitals, gypsum boards are easy to install and can deliver high-quality aesthetic results in ceilings and coatings.



The Higher The Perforation Percentage, The Greater The Sound Absorption

The perforations themselves contribute to the absorption of sound, working as a resonator. In this way, the sound loses energy when entering the formed chamber, for example, between the ceiling and the slab. It is important to consider that the result will depend on the height of the plates, in the case of ceilings; and on the thickness of the air chamber, in the case of the linings.



There Is A Wide Range Of Drilling Patterns

Gypsum boards are industrially perforated, delivering a wide range of perforation patterns and designs. These patterns will influence the level of acoustic comfort delivered, offering high absorptions especially for low and medium frequencies, a range in which the human voice is found.






The Perforated Plates Can Be Located Horizontally And Vertically, And Even On Curved Surfaces

Perforated cardboard gypsum boards can be installed on different supports, ceilings, partitions, stairs, and more. Depending on the acoustic needs of the space, the plates can be placed horizontally and/or vertically, delivering a greater acoustic comfort when applying a mixed solution.




Perforated Sheets can be Part of the Overall Aesthetic Solution of a Space

By being designed and correctly chosen, the plasterboard can completely cover the surfaces of an enclosure, generating infinite combinations of design, for example, when interspersed with smooth plates.



Its Installation is Similar to That of Traditional Cardboard Plasterboards

Perforated cardboard gypsum boards are very easy to install since they require the same procedures, tools, joint treatments, and skills as traditional cardboard gypsum boards.



General Installation Recommendations


  • In the case of ceilings, the plates must be fixed perpendicular to the frame, generally, metal structures, using trumpet head screws 1 “long, and fixed perimetral and in the center. Plates are fixed to metal structures or Omega profiles, spaced 60 cm apart.
  • The plates should be joined in the form of a cross, without overlapping, to ensure the continuity of the perforations.
  • For the treatment of joints, special care must be taken not to cover the perforations with putty, and it is recommended to use a spatula.
  • For painting, you can choose any type of paint and you should use a roller to not reduce the acoustic qualities of the product. Light colors are recommended so as not to contrast excessively with perforations.
  • It is recommended to correctly design your disposal to take advantage of the material and make the least amount of cuts.







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