How to Make a Facade with Recycled Materials: 16 Notable Examples

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With the aim of supporting architects to become active agents of sustainable design, this week we present a selection of facades that incorporate different recycled materials. Beyond the typical uses of plastic and glass, in this article, you will find innovative materials such as mattress springs, ice cream containers, plastic chairs, and recycled waste from agricultural and industrial products. A look at 16 remarkable projects using recycled materials to create an attractive facade.


Naju Art Museum


Recycled semi-transparent plastic baskets




Ningbo Historic Museum

Recycled tiles




Capilla San Bernardo

Recycled bricks from a rural house




Bima Microlibrary

Recycled plastic ice cream containers




Backyard Cabin

Recycled agricultural and industrial waste products




PET pavilion

Recycled plastic bottles




Properly Breathing House

Recycled ceramic bricks




Vegan House

Recycled windows




China Academy of Arts’ Folk Art Museum

Recycled tiles from local houses




Kamikatz Public House

Recycled windows from abandoned houses




Luxury Pavilion

Recycled bedsprings




Head in the Clouds Pavilion

Recycled plastic bottles




Carroll House

Recycled shipping containers




Collage House

Recycled windows and doors of demolished houses




The Beehive

Recycled terracotta roof tiles




Gallery of Furniture

Recycled plastic seats





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